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Setting up the project homepage

The project homepage is the first page people see when they enter a project or library model. It is the place where people find basic information about the model (e.g. name, status, contact details).

Below we explain how you can add information to this page (typically a job for the requirements manager).

Editing the homepage goes in pretty much in the same way as you edit requirements.

Add project model image

You can add an image for the model by clicking on the icon that you get to see when hoovering over the existing image.

This image can, for example, be the logo of a project or the client organization. Some project models use a photo of the site, a photo of the existing building (if it is a renovation project), or a kind of diagram.

The minimum size of the image is 375 px (width) by 250 px (height), which comes down to a ratio of 1,5 (width) : 1 (height).

To delete the image: click on the icon.

Add project model information

Next to all the requirements in the model, it will be useful to present some basic information about the project or library in BriefBuilder — especially when you are using BriefBuilder in tenders for a project.

You can add this information by clicking on the add property button in the model information box. Often used properties are:

  • Construction client (name of the organization that commissions the project)
  • Type of tender (e.g. Design & Build or Design, Build & Maintain?)
  • Project type (e.g. office building or infrastructure project?)
  • General description (e.g. quick summary of size and main objective)
  • Location (address details of the building/plan area/construction site)
  • Contact details (email and phone nr that can be used of inquiries about the project/its requirements)

Add model files (‘uploads’)

Sometimes, you may want to provide the project team with ‘input documents’, like a site plan, feasibility studies or occupancy measurements than have been done.

You can do this by clicking on the upload file button in the modelproj uploads box.

Be careful not to upload any documents contain requirements (e.g. an earlier text version of the project brief) because that creates nothing but confusion. The upload feature is purely intended for additional / contextual information.

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