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How to incorporate images and diagrams

It is not possible to place images or diagrams in the property value fields in BriefBuilder because these are text/number-only fields.

It is possible, however, to incorporate images and diagrams in an object’s detail view via the upload table.

The Upload table can be found at the bottom of the detail view

Steps to follow:

  • Save the image that you want to use (in Word: click on the right mouse button when standing on the image and then select “save image as” (e.g. on your desk top)
  • Give the number an easily recognisable name and/or a number (e.g. Figure 2_Electrical circuit)
  • Go to the table Uploads, which is the last table on the detail view (bottom of page)
  • Upload the image
  • Refer to the image by name in property value texts (e.g. “See Figure 2”) where relevant.
In this example, the property ‘colour coordinates’ refers to the uploaded figure

The upload table can also be used to upload files (e.g. a product sheet or other kinds of documentation) in a detail view.

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