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How to deal with value ranges

Sometimes a requirement concerns a value range rather than just one specific value. A requirement may, for example, state that the relative humidity in a space should be between 20 and 40%, or that the temperature level should be between 19 and 26 degrees celcius.

How to capture that in BriefBuilder?

As you may have noticed, you cannot select something like “value range” for the input type for a requirement (see requirements settings menu).

So, you need an alternative approach, which is to divide your requirement in two. You have to turn the value range into a minimum requirement and a maximum requirement.

When using the same examples as above, you get the following:

Relative humidity (min)>20%
Relative humidity (max)<40%

It is a bit of extra trouble, but your requirements get more accurate.

Work around: if you find the above too cumbersome, you can also just select “text” as input type, which allows you to put in any kind of value you want (e.g. “between 20 and 40%” and so on).

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