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Email notifications (comments + RFCs)

As a user, you can choose whether you want to receive email notifications regarding comments and/or RFCs.

You can find this setting under your own profile (upper right corner of the application), where there is a a button called Email notifications.

For both comments and RFCs, you can choose a notification frequency (daily, weekly, …). The default setting is on ‘weekly digest’.

See below for more infomation about what kind of notifications you’ll get.

For comments

You will get a notification when:

  • Someone assigns a comment to you / your role / your organisation
  • Someone answers a comment that was created by you

For RFCs

You will get a notification when:

  • Someone mentions you / your role / your organisation in an RFC
  • Someone changes the status of that RFC
  • Someone changes the description of that RFC or of an RFC that was created by you.

Note: you don’t get any notifications of the actions that you perform yourself.

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