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How to make a reference / link to BriefBuilder objects (‘copy link’)

It can be that you want to refer to objects in BriefBuilder in meeting notes or other types of project documentation.

Think, for example, of a project meeting in which there is a discussion about a particular technical system. In such a case, you probably want to refer to that exact system in BriefBuilder (assuming the system is captured there).

This can be done in two ways: referring to the object’s ID and/or copying a BriefBuilder link to the detail view of that object.

Referring to the object’s ID

The most basic way is to simply refer to the name and the (automatically generated) ID that all objects have in BriefBuilder. The object ID can be found right next to the name of an object, in a (admittedly very subtle) grey. See example below.

The object ID in this case is “SYS-3”. From the first three letters of the ID, you can deduct what kind of object it is.

It can obviously also be that you have created your own ID system (e.g. based on Uniclass or CCI) and that you have incorporated those IDs in the name or properties of an object. In that case, you probably won’t need the BriefBuilder IDs.

A more advanced way of referencing to objects in BriefBuilder is to include the object’s BriefBuilder URL (weblink). If you include those, people can jump directly from the meeting notes to the detail view of the object in BriefBuilder (assuming they have the appropriate rights).

You can easily copy this link, by clicking on the copy link button (). You can find this button right next to the object’s name and ID.

After clicking on this, you can just paste the URL in the document you are working on.

Please note: the links always refer to a particular version of the model. In formal documents is therefore usually best to work with links from published versions.

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