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Background tasks

Some BriefBuilder actions may take a while. Importing a big IFC model, for example, may take a couple of minutes. To avoid long waiting times for situations like that, we are running such tasks as background tasks. This means that you can continue to work in your model, or even close the application, while your task is being prepared and executed in the background.

This is being done for the following tasks:

When a background tasks is completed, you will get a email notification in your inbox.

Please note: it can be that your task does not immediately start. You can check a task’s progress in my background tasks (see below). This is important to keep in mind when e.g. making a static version of your model (as it incorporates all edits that have been made up until the start of the task).

You can also check the progress of your tasks in the My background tasks overview that you can find in the upper right corner of your BriefBuilder screen.

If one or more tasks is in progress, you will see a small progress bar in the same spot, together with a indication of how many tasks there are in progress.

Canceling and deleting background tasks

If a task is taking too long, or if a task is no longer relevant, you can cancel it by clicking on the delete icon in the My background tasks menu.

You can use the same button to delete completed tasks that are no longer relevant.

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