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Verification dashboard

To get a visual overview of the verification activities in a project model, you can go to the verification dashboard, which you can find under ‘verification’ in the navigation menu.

You can find the verification dashboard in the navigation menu under ‘verification’

See below for an explanation about what it shows and how you can work with it.

Verification outcomes per phase

The key diagram on the dashboard is a pie chart that shows the verification outcomes per project phase. The diagram shows you how many requirements have to be verified in that phase and what the outcomes are (e.g. pass, fail, etc.).

First select for which phase you want to see the verification outcomes
The numbers in the diagram represent the number of requirements that have been /have to be verified. When hoovering over them, you also get to see percentages

Please note: the colours and categories that are used in this chart (and all other charts) can be adjusted via the verification settings.

Tip: clicking on the diagram will bring you to the verification table (with the corresponding filters applied).

Verification outcomes per person/party responsible

This bar chart shows the same information as the pie chart described above, but broken down for the different persons/parties that are responsible for the verifications.

People you can use this chart to check their own progress and workload in relation to verification.

Break-down of verifications per person/party . The grey bar indicates the number of requirements that yet have to be verified.

Tip: You can use this chart as a short-cut to the verification table. The table automatically filters on the relevant category (for example the verifications that are assigned to you, or that you still have to do, depending on which part of the chart you have clicked).

Other diagrams

What else you see on the dashboard, is dependent on the standard properties that have been defined in the verification set-up .

For example: if you have defined a property verification method, the dashboard will automatically feature a pie chart that show the distribution of methods over the requirements set (e.g. the number of requirements that has ‘simulation’ or ‘site acceptance test (SAT)’ as a method).

As said earlier, the colours and the categories that are shown in the diagrams are governed by the defined standard properties for verification.

Please note that the dashboard can only show diagrams for standard verification properties that have a pick-list (or users) as input type for properties.

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