Sandbox project models

Sandbox project models are project models that you can use for testing and trying out different things. For example, actions that might have a significant impact on your model, such as running an Excel import or an import from another model.

You can also use it as a testing ground for familiarizing yourself with BriefBuilder’s functionalities, or as a way to experiment with how to set up the structure of your model. It is a way of playing around with your data and the application.

You can create a new project model as a sandbox by ticking the box that pops up when creating a new model.

You can also clone existing project models as sandbox models. You will get to keep all the data from the existing model, but now with limited functionality.

The number of sandbox projects that you can create depends on your BriefBuilder subscription. The number of sandboxes is equal to the number of active projects that you have a subscription for.

Contact your own BriefBuilder administrator for more information on your subscription or if you wish to scale up.

Note that sandbox models have limited functionality:

– No backups
– No history function
– No email notifications
– Publishing versions not possible
– Only two available roles (requirements manager and viewer published versions)

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