Restoring backups

In BriefBuilder, project data is automatically backed up twice a day and stored for seven days.

A backup contains all the project versions that were available at the time the backup was made (i.e. a working version and static/published versions if available).

This mechanism helps to ensure the safety of your data. If a problem occurs, your administrator can easily restore a backup version of your project.

Users with an administrator role see all the backups below all the other versions. They can just click through the different versions and see which backup is most appropriate to restore.

When having an administrator role, you see all the backups, can look at these, and restore them.

The restoring itself is simply done by clicking on the restore button ()

When you restore backup, your existing project data are first (automatically) backed up. So you can recover the original project data in case of an incorrect restore.

Remember that you can (and should) also use BriefBuilder’s versioning feature as a means of safeguarding data. The recommendation is that you save a static version at the start and/or end of each major step in your work flow.

Updated on 11 August 2020

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