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BIM-Connect: Revit add-in

Linking requirements in BriefBuilder to BIM models is a logical part of the requirements management process. It allows you to automatically exchange data between models and enables you to test BIM models against the client’s requirements (as captured in BriefBuilder). This can save design and engineering teams lots of time and it helps to guarantee data consistency.

The Dutch company BIM-optimaal has developed a dedicated Revit add-in for this purpose, called BIM-connect. The add-in works for Revit Architecture and Revit MEP.

Check out this video for a quick explanation:

(click on CC for subtitles)

Please note that the video is just a very simple example. In practice, the Plugin has proven its value in  large and complex projects with hundreds of rooms.


The add-in comes with the following three functionalities:

(1) Automated design verifications

When linking objects in BriefBuilder with their counterparts in a BIM model, you can do automated design verifications concerning the following parameters:

  • Quantities of rooms
  • Sizes of rooms
  • Quantities of MEP objects per room
  • Quantities of furniture / inventory items per room

(2) Data exchange

The add-in makes it possible to export particular properties/parameters from BriefBuilder to BIM models, thereby ensuring data consistency.

This also allows you to visualise differences in requirement levels per room in Revit. Think of using a colour scheme to indicate differences in fire rating or classification between rooms.

The BIM-connect add-in imports the URL’s of BriefBuilder objects into Revit. This means that the design team can easily click on a BriefBuilder link in Revit to see the relevant requirements for an object or room in BriefBuilder.

More info

More information and a 30 days trial version of the add-in can be found at BIM-optimaal’s website.

Please note that this is a third-party application that must be acquired separately from BIM-Optimaal. It is not included in BriefBuilder’s pricing, nor is it covered by BriefBuilder’s terms and conditions.

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