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Requirements Overview

In the main menu, under Overviews, you can find the Requirements Overview.

This is a relatively simple overview which shows all the requirements in your model in a table format. In that sense, it is quite similar to the Analysis and Verification tables.

The Requirements Overview is the first option under ‘Overviews’

Selections and Filters

Once you open up the Requirements Overview, you can narrow the set of visible requirements by creating a pre-selection first. For large projects, it is definitely recommended to do so, as it can cut down on the time needed to load the table.

You can also select only a part of the tree you are interested in by using the blue button

Like with the other tabular overviews in BriefBuilder, you can easily sort and filter the data by using the small buttons right next to every column title. You can, for example, sort the requirements alphabetically (use the two arrows to the left of a column title) or apply a filter to a column if you are only interested in a specific type of requirement.

Use the filter button to only view the Adjacency requirements from the Spaces & Locations tree

It is also possible to add columns to the Requirements Overview to customize what kind of requirements data you are currently seeing. You can use the icon to do so, and add columns for RFC, Analysis, and Verification data.

Use the icon to add extra data to your overview

Exporting to Excel

You can export the Requirements Overview to Excel by using the button, right next to the table’s name. If you click on that icon, you will get an Excel report of what you are currently seeing in the Requirements Overview (including any pre-selections or filters that you have applied).

Use the button to export the Requirements Overview to Excel

This can be quite handy if you want to share this data with other parties that do not have access to BriefBuilder or as a more table-like companion to your Word report.

TIP: If you are someone who works a lot with Excel imports in BriefBuilder, and you want to quickly adapt existing model data or add a certain chunk of data to another model, an Excel export of the Requirements Overview can really help you in quickly filling an import sheet with the data you need. Read more about Excel imports here.

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