Area diagram

Important: this article refers to a legacy diagram that will soon no longer be available. We have a new diagram feature that can be used to create diagrams for all object types in BriefBuilder. Read here for a detailed explanation of this feature.

The area diagram allows you to get a visual overview of the spaces you have defined in BriefBuilder (which will mostly be relevant for building projects).

The diagram has the same structure as the spaces tree and the area overview, but presents the data in a more visual way, with spaces shown as ‘bubbles’. The size of a bubble is dependent on two things: the number of square meters that it represents, and the number of objects that are placed inside the bubble.

You can download the image in a vector format (by clicking on the icon). Subsequently, you can change the image (e.g. colors) in programs like Adobe Illustrator for presentation purposes.

The area diagram can be found in the main menu, under diagrams.

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