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How to get into BriefBuilder? What you need is: an invitation mail, a username and a password.

Please note that BriefBuilder requires a recent browser. We recommend using the latest version of Chrome for optimal performance. We support: Chrome 80+, Firefox 60+, Microsoft Edge 88+ or Safari 12.1+.

Invitation mail

In order to work with BriefBuilder, a BriefBuilder Administrator needs to invite to you and grant you access to a project model. They can do so via the user management menu (which is explained here). When they have added you as a user, you’ll receive an invitation mail in your mailbox.

If you didn’t get an invitation mail while you are supposed to, please check your spam box.

Setting your password

In the invitation mail, you will find your (automatically generated) username and a weblink that you need to use to set up a password. Follow the link and set up a pass word.

Please note: the activation link remains valid for 14 days after you have received your invitation mail. If you do not activate your account within those 14 days, you have to ask your administrator to send you a new invite.

Logging in

As soon as you have set your password, you can go to the following web address:


and log in with your:

  • Username (that can be found in the invitation mail)
  • Password (that you have created yourself)

Make sure that you put in the right details. Some browsers automatically fill username/password fields with details from other/earlier accounts.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

In case your environment is configured with two-factor authentication, read more here on how to proceed.

Go to your project model (or create one)

When you have logged into the BriefBuilder website, you will see a one or more project models. Those are the models to which you have been granted access.

Click on the name of the model to get into it. Doing so will bring you to the project’s homepage. You can use the navigation bar to view, create and edit data (depending on your role).

If you want to return to the list with models, click on the BriefBuilder logo in the upper left corner.

If you do not see any project models, while you would actually expect to, it may be that the BriefBuilder administrator has not linked your account to those models yet. Contact your administrator to sort that out.

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