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Two-factor authentication

Customers may choose to enforce two-factor authentication (2FA) for users logging in to their environment. If you would like to enable 2FA for your environment please send an email to support and we will enable it if you are the administrative contact.

Logging in with 2FA

After logging in with your username and password, you will see a QR code displayed on the login screen on your first login. To scan this QR code install and use one of the following apps on your phone or tablet:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator

After scanning the QR code, the app will show what is called a ‘one-time-token’. This token will refresh every minute as indicated by a closing circle.

Type the token you see on the screen into the input box in BriefBuilder that asks for the 6-digit verification code.

Upon successful entry, you will be logged in. In subsequent logins, there will be no QR code and you can immediately enter the code from the app into the BriefBuilder field.


I’ve lost my device with which I scanned the QR code
In case of a lost device or other case where you cannot get the verification code from your phone, you may reset the two-factor authentication by logging in with your username and password. Then at the prompt for the verification code, click the link below that says ‘Reset two-factor authentication’.

You will receive a link in the mail that will allow you to get a new QR code.
The verification code is not accepted by BriefBuilder
– Make sure the token has not expired. Tokens are only valid for a single minute and you may have entered a token that has just expired.

– Make sure you are using the correct entry in your Google or Microsoft authenticator app in case you have multiple tokens in the app.

– Make sure the date and time settings on your phone are correct and synced automatically. The tokens are based on the current time. Google Authenticator also offers this setting to enable time syncing: In the app, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Time correction for codes’ > ‘Sync now’.

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