Welcome to BriefBuilder, a web-based tool for requirements management in construction projects. BriefBuilder is designed to help project teams to get a grip on the many requirements that may apply to a project. BriefBuilder allows them to define, capture, analyze, verify, and manage project requirements in one place.

Construction clients (and their advisers) can use BriefBuilder to develop project briefs (also referred to as ‘architectural program’ in the US), capturing all their requirements in a systematic way.

Design teams and contractors use BriefBuilder to analyse the client’s requirements and to systematically verify whether their design proposals and solutions meet the set requirements.

Watch our introduction video for an overview of all of BriefBuilder’s features.

Check out our product website for a general introduction:


For more detailed information about how to use BriefBuilder, you can use this site!

If anything is unclear or missing, do not hesitate to contact us.

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