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Can I make subspaces under spaces?

No. Spaces are the lowest level in BriefBuilder. We have done this on purpose.

In earlier versions of BriefBuilder, you were free to make as many subspaces as you wanted. That was very flexible, but it often happened that there were contradicting requirements at different levels in the tree. Furthermore, it created problems in the exchange of data with BIM applications like Revit.

So, we decided to keep things clean and simple: spaces are the lowest level in the spatial decomposition of a project and they are the main carrier of requirements concerning indoor climate, sizes, quantities and spatial elements.

We are aware, however, of the fact that you might want to say something about the different parts of a space, especially when it is a large space.

You may for example want to say that the waiting area in your building should feature a play corner for kids. In that case you have two options.

The first one is to turn ‘waiting area’ into a group object (), and to create two separate spaces (e.g. ‘general waiting area’ and ‘play corner’) underneath it (), each with their own size and specifications.

Option 1: Waiting area as a group of two spaces

The other option is to keep waiting area as a single space and add a property to it, called ‘layout’ , where you add a text like ‘should feature a dedicated corner for kids’.

Option 2: Waiting area as a single space, but with a property that explains that there should be a kids corner in it (see below)

Which option is best depends on how specific you want to be. If the kids corner is really something different from the waiting area (e.g. different floor finish, different lighting level, …), you should make it a different space. If it is just a matter of furniture, keep waiting area as a single space.

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