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Import user accounts via Excel

If you want to add a lot of user accounts and do not want to add them manually one-by one, we’ve created an Excel import function to expedite this process.

To do so, you can use the import button at the top of the user list.

You cannot, however, just import any Excel sheet. The data must fit into BriefBuilder’s structure. Therefore, we have developed an import template that you can use. See below for the different language variants.

Templates for Excel User Import

Make sure that the language of your import sheet matches with the language of your environment.

Some crucial points to keep in mind:

  • The Role field is mandatory. In many cases, the role Project model user will be most suitable (or the equivalent foreign language term if your model isn’t English)
  • Note that you still have to link users to specific project models. It is easiest to do this from the project model to which people should have access (Navigation menu > Settings > User access)
  • Don’t forget that you still have to send the email invitations the imported users.

Make sure that user details are unique. You cannot use the same user name or the same email address twice.

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