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Does BriefBuilder provide training?

We certainly do! We can provide training in different ways.

Very popular is our online BriefBuilder Fundamentals course. This online course guides you step-by-step through all of BriefBuilder’s functionalities. You will learn how to define requirements, how to verify them, how to manage changes, and how to standardise and re-use requirements for new projects. Your learning will be through hands-on use of the application, with support from experienced instructors.

The target of this course are people who will responsible for setting-up and managing BriefBuilder models. Typically, it concerns requirements managers or verification managers. The course takes one and a half to two days, depending on your familiarity with BriefBuilder.

More info about this course can be found here.

We can also provide you with customized courses that are tailored to your specific needs and work processes of your organization. In that case, we will develop a training together with your team, based on the following factors:

  • The specific work processes in your organization.
  • The level of maturity of your organization with respect to requirements management.
  • Currently used tools that BriefBuilder will be substituting or integrating.

To discuss the possibilities for this, you can contact our experts.

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