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How to change the language of my model?

BriefBuilder comes in multiple languages. You can choose the language for your model when creating it.

It can be, however, that you want to switch language after you have created the project model. For example: you started out in Danish, but want to change to English because you are aiming for a European tender.

This can easily be done by cloning the model and then choosing the preferred language.

1. Go to the project models overview (by clicking on the BriefBuilder logo in the upper left corner), if not already there.

2. Find your project model and click on the clone button.

3. In the pop-up, select your preferred language (the first entry field of the pop-up)

4. Click on save. And you are done!

Please note that the above only concerns the software part of the language. The model’s content (the names of objects, the requirements, the verifications, …) is not translated. At this moment, that is still pretty much impossible to automate because of the large differences and many idiosyncrasies in the technical language that is being used in different countries.

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